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Ochatomo Series: One Piece

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Set of 8.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 6 kinds of figure models.
Height: approx 40mm.
Copyright Eiichiro Oda Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation
*Due to low product stock, there is a possibility of stock shortage.

- Mascot figure decorated in cups [Otachi series ONE PIECE], the third bullet has appeared with popularity!
- Three themes of [Luffy] [Zoro] [Sanji] [Raw] [Ace] [Shanks] on the theme of the pirates' feast.
- [Shanks] has become a tea friends first appearance.
- A miniature stand that imaged the barbarian canvas is a set, so you can decorate and enjoy it even in places without a cup.

- Product Description: 1 colored mascot + 1 miniature stand