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HG 1/144 Lightning Black Warrior

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Lightning Black Warrior HGBF 1/144

After getting the opportunity to pilot????Meijin Kawaguchi's Gundam Amazing Red Warrior, Yuuma reproduced the Gunpla using his own techniques and with some modifications, resulting in the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior.????Yuuma conceptualized this Gunpla as a combination of the multiple weapons and high mobility of the Gundam Amazing Red Warrior with the long range shooting capabilities of the????LGZ-91 Lightning Gundam. Consequently, the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior is armed with the Long Mega Launcher, a new beam weapon which enables Yuuma to utilize his sharpshooting skills.

Although not on the same level of ultimate perfection as the Meijin's Gunpla, the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior better suits Yuuma's fighting style and is easier for him to control (he could not fully handle the Gundam Amazing Red Warrior).????It was rumoured that Yuuma painted the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior in black in response to the????Gundam Dryon III????built by his rival,????Minato Sakai.