Blood Vengeance Kampfer (1/144)

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Modeler: Tom Wren
Model Title: Blood Vengeance Kampfer (1/144) 
GUNPLA Model: Kampfer HGUC 1/144
Custom Modifications: Airbrushed with Mr. Hobby paint, colors used: white, deep clear red, black (primer)

Bio: "I built this back in April of 2016, and it was I believe the third kit I ever airbrushed. Obviously the name comes from the marbled look and red color. All of the paint used is Mr. Hobby brand (I pretty much only use their products when it comes to paint, unless I need enamel for a reverse wash). Anyway, I used black primer on everything, followed by dry brushing white and then using deep clear red. I also used gun chrome and metallic black. I also decided to leave the black areas (like on the shoulders) as just primed and not painted with a gloss or semi-gloss black because I liked the way it looked. The only sticker is the one for the eye, and I thought green would be a lot more eye-catching than the traditional pink/red. Also, I didn't try erasing the seam lines or sanding down the nubs like I should have. And yes, the safety flag is still there on the head. Maybe a mistake, but ever notice that even in their own instruction manuals, Bandai always leaves them on?"

-Tom Wren


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