RX-78-2 HG Custom

RX-78-2 HG Custom

Modeler: Hyper Hammer

Model: HG RX-78-2 REVIVE

Bio: I enjoyed building model kits as a kid and I reacquainted myself with the hobby years later after impulse buying a gunpla kit at a local hobby shop. Since then I've been building gunpla for about 2 years now. Im a big fan of the Universal Century timeline with my favorites being the original MSG, 8th MS Team, and Thunderbolt. You can see more of my works on my InstaGram  @hyper_hammer

Description: I actually picked up the HG RX-78-2 Revive on a trip to R4L along with the EX Model Gunperry (shown) and some waterslide sheets. The build itself is pretty simple, removed a few seamlines, trimmed the V-fin, added waterslide decals and small details with metallic Sharpie. I like going for an anime/manga look when I build so I'll throw on a flat topcoat (Mr.SuperClear) and finish it up with Tamiya Weathering Master.

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