RX-78 Custom 1/100

RX-78 Custom 1/100

Modeler: Aaron Brown

Model Title: RX-78-2 Custom

GUNPLA Model: RX-78-2 Origin MG 1/100

BIO- Aaron Brown Started building Gunpla 2 years ago (2015) after binge watching Gundam Build Fighters. He has always been a huge Gundam fan. Starting, like most in the US, with Gundam Wing on Toonami. His favorite Non Gundam mobile suit is the Kshatriya and his favorite Gundam is the Crossbone x1 Full cloth.

Description: This was the first rx78 Aaron Brown built, the MG Origin version, and after that fell in love with the Gundam. Originally built a year ago, but painted only a few months ago, this was meant as a quick project to hone his airbrushing skills. The color scheme was based off an old 7/11 Gundam figure he had gotten when he was young.

If you guys like his build check his Instagram for more of his kits: browntown_mayor



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