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PG 1/60 00 Raiser

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00 Raiser 1/60 PG

An incredibly detailed Perfect Grade model of the 00 Raiser Gundam! The box includes parts to build both the 00 Gundam and the support unit the 0 Raiser which docks in the back of the 00 Gundam with realistic detail. Packed with extras this model comes with two already assembled GN Drives that can spin and light up with LED lights. The 00 Raiser is armed to the teeth coming with parts to assemble the GN Sword II and GN Sword III which can both transform into rifle modes, a GN Beam Saber, GN Shield, GN Missle, GN Condenser, and a hand missle. A hologram sheet, and special marking decal sheets are also included to add extra detail.

All parts are the snap-fit type and the entire model is molded in multiple colors so no glue or paints are required, but detailing with paint and Gundam Marker will enhance the look of the model.