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HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos (Long Distance Booster)

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Produced by Teiwaz subsidiary Euro Electronics, the Kutan Type-III is a long distance transportation booster used for transporting containers and mobile suits.????It's primarily operated within the Outer Sphere by Teiwaz and other unrelated groups.????It has large movable arms for gripping onto containers, and hence can carry a wide variety of loads.????Instead of an Ahab Reactor like in ships and mobile suits, the Kutan Type-III uses a Hydrogen Engine as its power plant. However, the lack of an Ahab Reactor also means that it doesn't possess the defensive strength of Nano-Laminate Armor.????For offense, the Kutan-Type III is lightly armed with a pair of machine guns and can optionally carry a pair of 300mm Smoothbore Guns.

Includes Barbatos and Transport Booster.