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1/12 Mega Man X Second Armor Double Charge Shot Version

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The "Rockman" (Mega Man) video game series has sold over 36 million copies worldwide, and is loved by generations of fans everywhere! X, the main character in "Rockman X2," is now a fantastic action figure from Kotobukiya, wearing the powered-up Second Armor Double Charge Shot! Molded in pearl and metallic colors to represent the armor's charged state, this figure comes with new effect parts for the Double Charge Shot and the one-hit kill Shoryuken. Three interchangeable face parts and interchangeable hands are also included. There's a 3mm hole in his back so he can be used with the "M.S.G" series New Flying Base and New Flying Base Plus (sold separately); the head, body, arms and legs are all compatible with the first X action figure, too (also sold separately). Since this is a partially painted multi-color kit, even beginners can assemble it with complete confidence. The package art is even provided by Keisuke Mizuno, who contributed character designs for the "Rockman X" series! Order this amazing action figure for your own collection today!