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HG 1/20 Kobu-kai (Sumire Kanzaki Type)

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-From [Sakura Wars 2] released in 1998, Hanagumi Top Star Sumire Kanzaki's Mitsutake and Kai appeared in HG!

- equipped with a gimmick that can open and close the boarding hatch. It is possible to board the included figure in the cockpit.
-A gimmick that can move the eye camera to the left and right to express a natural line-of-sight movement that matches the posing.
- the original of the internal structure is publisher supervision, adding a new interpretation of the plastic model unique.
-Reproduce details such as details and gimmicks.

??? Foil seal x 1
??? Jewel seal ?? 1
??? Nylon tube x 1
??? Lead wire x 1
??? Tetron seal ?? 1