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30MS Option Hair Style & Face Parts Set (Kazano Hiori / Hachimiya Meguru)

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The set includes hair style parts and face parts of "Touori Kazano" and "Meguru Yamiya"!

Can be combined with the optional 30MS parts (sold separately) to dress up the idols in various costumes!

The delicate flow of her hair has been carefully sculpted to show the way it flutters in accordance with her poses.

The hair ornament can be attached or removed to match the costume design. The hair parts can be replaced to recreate the pose without the hair ornament.

Two different facial expressions are included, each with tampo printing.

Can be combined with [30MS Optional Body Parts Beyond the Blue Sky 1 [Color A], [30MS Optional Body Parts Alpha Sisters Phantasm 1 [Color A]] sold separately!