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4inch-nel Mega Man Star Force

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Height: approx 10cm.

- Shi meet the hot demand of everybody of the fan 4 Inchineru [Mega Man Star Force] finally appeared!

- about 10cm packed with movable gimmick of centimeter kneading the size of [4 Inchineru] to [Mega Man Star Force] from [Shooting Star Rockman] can do it!
- Capcom Co., thorough supervision of the original, exterior design and a thousand values \u200b\u200bkneading is proud of the movable gimmick is perfect fusion!
- adopt a clear part in the visor part!
- dish of Kodawari that incorporates the opening and closing gimmick to the mouth of the warlock of the normal time while small size!

- Accessories: facial expressions, warlock replacement parts, right smack, card retention right hand, Stand