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HG 1/144 Seravee Gundam & Seraphim Gundam Trans-am

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#58 Seravee Gundam & Seraphim Gundam Trans-am 1/144 HG

This set gets you two kits in one, the HG Seravee Gundam with it's hidden suit the Seraphim Gundam, both in Trans Am colors with holographic foil stickers for detail!????

The Seravee is the big, bulky, heavy weaponry mech and comes with two GN Cannons mounted on the back, a GN Cannon on each knee, and a pair of GN Bazooka II's which can be used seperately or combined to make the GN Bazooka II Double Bazooka.

The Seraphim is the fast and deadly high mobility suit. It can be stored on the back of the Seravee and deployed as it's own mobile suit. The Seraphim can use the Seravee's weapons as well as two Beam Sabers.