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MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam Ver. RM

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A new version of the Strike Gundam has been made to coincide with the HD Remaster Blu-Ray release of Gundam Seed! It features the new common Gat-X Internal frame made with the latest modern plastic injection techniques and new styling and proportion. The Aile Striker has been redesigned to allow the attachment of the MG Sword and Launcher packs to create the Perfect Strike and includes an extra set of energy packs. A stand resembling the launch bay of the Archangel ship has been included to recreate take off and aerial action poses, as have sitting and standing figures of Kira Yamato and Mu La Flaga. Release includes beam rifle, armor schneiders x2, shield, and beam saber x2


  • The settings of GAT-X frame are recreated with amazing detail. Aile Strike Gundam as the new origin is born.
  • Not merely a re-release, this MG kit is a brand new model.
  • Weapons such as a beam rifle and armor schneider are included.
  • Perfect Strike Gundam can be recreated with MG Launcher / Sword Strike Gundam (sold separately).
  • runner x15, foil sticker x1, tetron sticker x1, dry decal x1, wire x1, instruction manual x1
Comparisons between the remastered version and the previous one.
  • 1. This remastered verion of the MG Aile Strike Gundam will incorperate GAT-X frame that was established with the release of the MG Duel Gundam AssaultShroud.
  • 2. The range of articulation is significantly improved from it's previous one.
  • 3. Larger wing area on the Aile Striker pack with movable flaps on the wings.
  • 4. Is possible to reproduce the normal Strike Gundam. Armor Schneider can be holster in the side skirt armor.
  • 5. The remastered one comes with the catapult base similar to the ones that came with the original MG Aile Strike Gundam.
  • 6. The remastered one comes with Recharge Pack to reproduce the Perfect Strike Gundam.