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Aqueous Hobby Color - H9 Metallic Gloss Gold (Primary)

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??? Aqueous hobby color is a highly safe paint designed so that anyone can enjoy painting comfortably.
-Since November 2019, we have renewed the design and reappeared in a new version.
??? Water-based hobby color can be washed with water before drying.
??? The solvent used in the water-based hobby color has both strength and odor.
??? The glossiness and smoothness of the coating film are extremely excellent, which gives the work a high quality finish.
??? Add 15% or more of H40 flat base for matte gloss and 5-10% for semi-gloss.
??? Basically, it is not necessary to dilute with a brush, but when blowing with an airbrush, add about 100-150% aqueous hobby color thinning solution.
??? Applying 1-2 times with a brush and 2 to 3 times with an airbrush will give a beautiful finish.
??? If the base color is dark and you can see through the colors that have been applied, apply additional paint if necessary.

??? Capacity: 50ml

* When painted on ABS resin parts, the paint may penetrate into the resin, making the parts brittle and cracking.??Please check the assembly manual and the display of the parts runner carefully, and avoid painting on "ABS resin parts".