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Bandai PLANNOSAURUS Mosasaurus

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Bandai's new dinosaur plastic model brand, "Plannosaurus," debuts with the mighty Mosasaurus! This lineup encourages you to learn about dinosaurs by assembling them yourself from the skeleton out! Begin with the "skeletal build," assembling the dinosaur's skeleton piece by piece; the "dinosaur build" then allows you to attach the outer skin parts to the skeleton. Nippers and glue are not required, so they're easy to assemble, too!

The Mososaurus's characteristic upper and lower rows of teeth are reproduced; this marine reptile is said to have been covered with fine scales similar to those of iguanas and monitor lizards, and its skin is appropriately detailed. A display base is included to show it off, and for even more fun, its mouth can open and close, and the fins, neck and tail are all movable so you can recreate swimming poses. This lineup is sure to be highly popular, so order yours today, before they go extinct!