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Cross Frame Girl Brave Girl

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-Commercialization of the brave king Gaogaigar body state [Brave Girl]!

-A cross-frame girl [Gaogaigar], based on the illustration of the hero King Gaogaigar's [Gaogaigar] made by Eiji Komato. Only the [Brave Girl] will be commercialized here.
-Also comes with bare arms and bare feet parts. And we have added several parts that can connect various parts such as MSG and Frame Arms.

-New parts that can connect 3mm to the chest and upper arms.
-Includes parts that can connect frame arms, etc. under the lower arm and knee. (It will be the same shape as that attached to [Architects Off White Ver.].)
-Includes [Skin arm], [Skin-colored wrist] and [Skin base] in the same shape as [Frame Arms Girl Innocentia].
-Includes 3 types of painted face parts. (Screaming face facing forward, normal face facing left, normal face facing right)
-Includes decals such as eyes and markings.
-PVC wrist is included on each side. (5 kinds of skin-colored wrists are included)
-Because of the wrist made of PVC, it is possible to arm the existing Frame Arms Girl series, MSG series, Frame Arms series.
-The existing 3mm diameter holes on the legs can be used together with the existing Arms / Girl Series, MSG Series and Frame Arms Series armaments.