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#22 Figure-Rise Fumina Hoshino [ Ending Theme Ver. ]

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#22 Figure-Rise Fumina Hoshino [ Ending Theme Ver. ]

Fumina Hoshino is one of the main characters in Gundam Build Fighters Try. She is the leader of team Try Fighters, being the president of the Seiho Academy Gunpla Battle Club.

Fumina is a very caring person. This is however her weakness in Gunpla Battle, as she prioritizes helping her teammates. Fumina has a strong drive to accomplish her goals, but also believes in the value of teamwork. She is also a very capable tactician, often directing her teammates in the battlefield.

At school Fumina is the target of affection for many male students thanks to her look and personality. She however holds feelings for Sekai Kamiki, and has shown jealously on many occasions where other girls displayed affection for him.