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Figure-rise Standard Trychaser 2000

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"Trychaser 2000" on which Kamen Rider Kuuga is on board is now available in Figure-rise Standard! Thorough pursuit of the texture of a motorcycle, such as matte plating that creates a metallic feel, the adoption of springs, and precision molding. Details such as cable expression by lead wire and tire tread pattern are also expressed. In addition to the rotational movement of the front and rear wheels, the suspension of the motorcycle is reproduced by mounting a spring on the swing arm. The initial type control panel that can be attached to the center of the handle is attached. The handle grip can be equipped with the attached tri-accelerator. The dedicated pedestal enables display while riding. By using the side stand, the bike can stand on its own. Boarding action can be reproduced by combining with the separately sold "Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga His Mighty Form".