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Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zoffy -Action-

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From "ULTRAMAN", the Zoffy suit worn by Susumu Hayada is proudly participating in Figure-rise Standard!
  • By connecting the chest and abdomen with multiple ball joints and moving them, we succeeded in greatly increasing the range of motion in the twisting direction.
  • Because the neck parts are ball joints, the range of motion in the direction of rotation of the head is greatly expanded.
  • In addition to the chest and shoulders, clear parts using polarized pearl material are used for the effect parts.
  • The abdominal joint can be selected from two patterns: "when movable is prioritized" and "when the LED unit (sold separately) is built-in".
  • The LED unit (sold separately) can be placed in the chest to keep an eye out for the chest.
  • Included: Marus 133 Kai x 1, Specium ray x 1, Ultra slash x 2, Specium blade x 2, Hand parts: Grip hands (left and right), facial expression hands (left and right), weapon holders (right), Joint parts x 1, Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1, Foil sticker x 1, Marking sticker x 1