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Gigantic Arms Orbital Maneuver

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Model Specifications:
??? The back of the large front armor in vehicle mode has 5mm connecting joints set in 3 places that can then be assembled with Hexa Gear parts.

??? The various parts of the large booster unit are made with 5mm connecting joints and Hexa joints that users can then customize with other parts for personal customization.

??? The grip parts of its vehicle mode can be folded up to store inside the armor.

??? Combining this model kit with the separately sold Gigantic Arms Order Cradle creates a large leg frame. The connecting joint for each part uses standard heavy-duty 10mm connections to allow this model kit to be able to handle acting as a frame for larger size models.

??? The separately sold Heavy Weapon Unit Overed Manipulator can be attached to this model by using the specialized 5mm connecting joint parts. Users can play with this model as a large armed unit.

??? The vehicle mode can fit 150mm action model kits such as Frame Arms Girl, etc.
*Due to the limitations of the construction, some exceptions apply.

Included items:
??? Orbital Maneuver unit x1
??? 5mm joint x1
??? Order Cradle leg connection parts (left and right)
??? 5mm connection joint part for Overed Manipulator x1
??? Hexa joint/10mm connection joint x1
??? Hexa joint x2