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Girl Gun Lady & 30MS Compatible Option Parts Set

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Introducing uniform-designed armor that can be equipped on Lady Commander Alice!
  • Can be linked with the 30MS series.
  • Replacement parts are equipped with holes with a diameter of 3 mm in various places, and specifications that can be played with the 30MM series at the same time as uniforming.
  • Three guns with the motif of "Girl Gun", which is a symbol of GGL, are included. It is possible to combine 3 pieces as in the play.
  • An expansion arm that can be connected to backpack parts is also included.
  • Included: Uniform parts set x 1 (for Alice and Richetta selection type assembly), Weapon parts (attack girl gun) x 1, Weapon parts (blast girl gun) x 1, Weapon parts (change girl gun) x 1, Backpack x 2 types, Backpack expansion arm x 1