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HG 1/144 GM Sniper

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GM Sniper 1/144 HG

The RGM-79[G] GM Sniper is a mass-produced ground long-range mobile suit, and is a variant to the RGM-79??????G?????? GM Ground Type. The unit is featured in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.The GM Snipers aren't seen with the various hand-carried standard weapons that a GM Ground Type has, and is replaced with a single Long Range Beam Rifle.

If you love GMs or love the idea of a sniper then this kit is great for you. It also comes with a????1/1200 Apsaras, which you can do to recreate????the scene were the GM Sniper shoots at the Apsaras like in 08th MS Team! ????