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GodHand - Brush Maintenance Starch

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??? What?????s this?
??? Water soluble starch for brush maintenance.

??? What for?
??? Straighten out the brushes like its brand new???
??? Make the brush last longer???

??? How to use?
*Clean the bristles before using the Starch.
1. Prepare 15cc of water hotter than 194 degrees
2. Dissolve 0.3g (about 30 dashes) of Brush Maintenance Starch
3. Let the bristles absorb the solution
4. Complete! Straighten out the tip with the inside of the container or fingers, and dry completely

??? With the Brushwork Series, use the Starch after putting in hot water (194 degrees or above) for 30 seconds.
??? Dissolve the product in hot water. (cold water will make it clumpy)
??? Recommended to cap the tip to protect from dust after use and maintenance.

* Store Brush Maintenance Starch solution in the fridge. (Use within 10 days of storage. May start to mold if kept longer)
* Cap color is random, but the content is the same.