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GodHand - Short Power Pin Vice Deep Colette Type

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- Shorter is easier to use for precise work
- A short version appears in God hand made power pin vice.
- Compact body [about 80 mm] of the size of about 2/3 of power pin vise!
- It combines powerfulness and light handling that the blade does not slip with iron collet & chuck.

- A single-collet collet [deep collet] installed to further enhance the advantages of iron collets!
- It makes it harder to idle because it can grasp more powerfully by sticking deeper than a normal double-ended collet.

- Fits in the palm of the hand, making it easier to handle, making it easier to aim, making the distance to the object closer.
- Also when you install a bit series sculpture sword it will make it easier to put power and carve more easily as you want.

????? The bit is sold separately.