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Gundam Marker Airbrush Hand Piece

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-A simple airbrush that enjoys spray painting just by connecting an air hose and an air can to the main unit and inserting a Gundam marker.
-The color change is a one-touch type just replacing the marker, and cleaning of the main body is unnecessary.
-Even beginners can easily enjoy unique airbrush techniques such as uniform and beautiful painting and gradation painting.
-One conversion joint that can be connected to the 1/8 (S) hose is provided, so it can be used in connection with your existing air compressor. (Air pressure: 0.1 Mpa or more recommended)

- set content
??? Gundam marker airbrush body
??? PS (thin) ??? 1/8 (S) conversion joint
????? Gundam marker, pen tip replacement core, air hose, air can, air compressor are sold separately.