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HG 1/144 Hekija

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Hekija HG 1/144

The????STH-20 Hekija????is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans????television series.Using the development data from the STH-05 Hyakuren and STH-14s Hyakuri, Teiwaz is currently developing the Hekija as their successor. A new mass production model with high performance, Hekija requires more time to develop compared to the STH-16 Shiden, for which the mass production system is already set up.????Currently, they are the stage of collecting data through limited test machines, and development is progressing smoothly.????The Hekija's concept is based on balancing the high mobility of the Hyakuri with the high output level of the Hyakuren.????Like the Shiden, the Hekija's frame is purely Teiwaz-made, from the crafting of the component metals to design and assembly, except for the Ahab Reactor.