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HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam [Beyond Global]

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A kit based on the design of the RX-78-2 Gundam by Mr. Kunio Okawara combined with the culmination of technology cultivated by the HG Series will be released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of GUNPLA.

The design of the First Gundam was reestablished to pursue beautiful poses and articulation capabilities/proportions as a BEYOND GLOBAL edition and is filled with gimmicks throughout its body to enable natural poses.

The torso adopts forward bending/swinging articulation structures, and inward bending joints have been added to the base of the thighs to enable human-like poses. The wrists can move individually to enable free movement when they are connected to the shield with a joint and also recreate intense fist-clenching poses.

The blocks on the sides of the chest are designed to open outward without revealing the articulation axis in the shoulders.

Included Accessories

  • Beam rifle - 1
  • Shield -1
  • Beam saber - 2