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HG 1/48 Reginleif (Raiden/Theo Use)

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From "86-Eighty Six", a new aircraft "Reginleif" on which the main characters board is now available in "general purpose specifications / cannon equipment"! Selectable assembly kit to assemble by choosing either "general purpose specifications" or "cannon equipment". Equipped with a "large cannon". The red part on the top is reproduced by dividing the parts. "Heavy machine gun" is attached to the sub arm. Compared to the Jaguar Note (sold separately), the armor of the torso and legs has been strengthened, and the volume of the Legin Rave aircraft has been reproduced! By providing multiple movable axes at the base of the torso, joints of the legs, and armor of the legs, intense actions can be reproduced. The back axis can be moved and the drawer structure allows the back to be armed in multiple directions. Each armament on the back can be attached to another aircraft. The pile driver at the tip of the leg can also be pulled out and reproduced. Wire anchors use lead wires to create a battle scene. Two types of wire anchor tip parts are included. The canopy is equipped with an opening and closing gimmick. Reproduce the fine details of the cockpit. Also included is a figure that can be attached to the cockpit. Equipped with a "smoothbore gun" referring to the features of the Juggernaut.