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JR Neo-VQS Advanced Pack Mini 4WD

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This Advanced Pack model takes the popular Neo VQS kit (original: Item 18094) and pairs it with a variety of option parts including a Light-Dash motor. The result is a racy machine with a very speedy setup, based upon the cutting-edge VZ chassis.

VZ Chassis
The VZ chassis is a compact and lightweight design that features reinforced designs for bumper, rear stay base and more ensuring that it has the durability and flexibility to withstand racing accidents. It is also a rather adaptable unit that lets its owner make numerous updates to the setup. Low friction 620 plastic bearings are molded in POM and maximize drive efficiency, while the chassis and A parts are molded in ABS.

Grade-Up Parts included
Light-Dash motor
Carbon Fiber Reinforced G13 Gear
Low-Friction Plastic Roller Set
Super Hard Tires
High-Speed EX Counter Gear Set
Side Mass Damper Set
FRP Rear Brake set
1.4mm Hollow Propeller Shaft
Front & Rear FRP Plates

• Mini 4WD car assembly kit. Length: 159mm, width: 104mm.
• The buggy-inspired Neo-VQS body is molded in tinted Smoke color ABS plastic.
• The VZ chassis is molded in black, and its A Parts in clear yellow.
• Comes with metallic stickers.
• Yellow A-spoke wheels are paired with Black super hard tires.
• Light-Dash motor is included. The model features a 3.7:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.