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Kotobukiya Megami Device: AUV Amaterasu Regalia

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AUV Amaterasu Regalia returns to Kotobukiya's "Megami Device" figure-kit lineup! She's the successor to Asura; her counterpart is the well-received AUV Susanowo, and she uses the same body, with her face, hair and chest newly sculpted to create a new character. Her armaments have been completely redesigned and named "Regalia" to reflect her royal status; they're easy to assemble and form a flashy silhouette when completed! The characteristic weapon parts and large cape parts that hang over her shoulders can be rearranged to change their shape. She comes with three prepainted faces, and decals for her eyes and markings; she can be displayed in "body mode" by removing her armor. The amazing range of motion of her "Machinika" body allows her to wield her weapons and sit down in a natural style; a variety of joint parts are included too, and of the compatibility of her 3mm-diameter joints and heads placed in each part, they can be used with "M.S.G," "Frame Arms," "Frame Arms Girl," "Hexa Gear," "Sosai Shojo Teien," and "Arcanadia" series model kits as well.