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MegaMan EXE: Super Movable Edition

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MegaMan EXE: Super Movable Edition????

MegaMan.EXE, known as????Rockman.EXE????or simply????Rock????in Japan, is the????NetNavi????(short for Internet Navigator) operated by????Lan Hikari. He was created by the scientist????Yuichiro Hikari, Lan's father. MegaMan.EXE is very powerful, and along with his operator Lan, is a very skilled????virus????buster. He is also Lan's twin brother,????Hub Hikari, known as????Saito Hikari????in Japan, who died at birth, because of a rare heart condition that is known as????HBD. Dr. Hikari then used his data to revive him as a NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE.

MegaMan is very loyal to Lan and his friends and is willing to sacrifice himself to save them. His continuous bravery and hard work earns him respect from others. Despite their similarities, especially in Net Battling,????MegaMan is more polite and well-behaved compared to Lan. He is often reminding Lan of his obligations such as his schoolwork and his laziness, which mostly is the main reason they argue a lot.

In the anime, he is not so different from the game, but he displays a fear of ghosts. MegaMan is quite dense when it comes about how others feel towards him. The notable example is that he is quite popular among female Navis, perticularly Roll and Meddy, but he remains oblivious when the two fight over being with him. He doesn't mind when either of them are holding him close since he thinks that they are just being friendly.

In the manga, MegaMan is still as polite like in the game and anime, but he is more cheerful and even likes to tease Lan often. He is far more comical and sometimes can even be somewhat childish. One of the examples is when he is the only one who is excluded from the battle against Nebula Grey and complained like a child. He is also easier to anger, even handily beat up those who angered him.

However, the prominent difference is MegaMan's (together with Lan's) enjoyment for battle is shown and expressed much clearer. He and Lan are always getting excited whenever a strong opponent appears and aims to be the strongest. This, however, can also make him reckless to the point that can be nearly considered as suicidal since he charges straight at his enemy even though his opponent is clearly stronger than him.