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P-Bandai MG 1/100 Astray Red Frame

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GUNDAM ASTRAY RED FRAME from the MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED ASTRAY official side story is now available in Master Grade!
 "The Gerbera Straight cuts through enemies! Red Frame ASTRAY"
The symbolic ASTRAY RED FRAME Mobile Suit, which serves as the foundation for numerous variations, has been commercialized in MG.
● Characteristic frame and exterior has been recreated in color in accurate multiple parts only possible from MG.
● In addition the Gerbera Straight, the signature weapon of GUNDAM ASTRAY RED FRAME, its partner long sword, the Tiger Pierce is also included.
  A new part that allows mounting of both swords on the hip section is also included.
● Includes a figure of Lowe Guele in the same scale (standing/cockpit)
● In addition to the personal mark of Lowe Guele, the Gerbera Straight "Kiku Ichimonji", and the Tiger Pierce "Kotetsu", 
  water-transfer decals that feature a wide variety of caution markings are also included.