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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Enhance Eclipse - A new striker for curved beam guns 

Equipped with a new striker pack from the official Gaiden manga "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ECLIPSE" Eclipse Gundam 'Eclipse Gundam Raijin Equipment' is commercialized in 1/100 scale MG series

  • The new pack 'Rising Striker Pack' is reproduced with new molding. A new image is created by reproducing the body color different from the regular version with the molding color
  • A new striker pack for MG Eclipse Gundam
  • Based on the Lightning Striker concept, the Rising Striker Pack with increased firepower and a large battery is reproduced with new modeling
  • Based on the design by mechanical designer Junichi Akutsu, it has been three-dimensionalized with sharp and precise modeling
  • Reproduce the characteristic weapons
  • The complex design of the main armament, such as the large beam cannon, composite pod, and thrusters, is reproduced with precision modeling
  • The head unit that strengthens the sensor system has a connection gimmick with the head of the Eclipse Gundam
  • Overdrive
  • It is possible to recreate the "overdrive" function that momentarily increases thrust by fully opening the booster
  • Slide the front and rear armor of the composite pod and deploy the deflection fins of the thrusters. The central thruster has three movable deflection fins
  • Can also be installed in MA form
  • The Rising Striker Pack can be attached even when the Eclipse Gundam is in MA form
  • Reproduce the flight form of a single aircraft
  • It is possible to fly alone as an unmanned aircraft. It transforms into a fighter-like silhouette and can be displayed alone on the included display base
  • Color patterns with different impressions
  • Uses a molding color with a different gradation from the "MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam" currently on sale at the store
  • The coloring of white, red, yellow, and blue is expressed with a slightly matte coloring
  • Newly designed water transfer type decals are included
  • <Set contents> : Eclipse Gundam body set / Raijin Striker pack / Display base / Water transfer decal