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HG 1/144 Iron Blooded Orphans Gundam Vidar

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#27 Gundam Vidar HG 1/144

At an unknown time point, an unspecified damaged Gundam Frame was brought to the Outer Lunar Orbit Joint Fleet (aka Arianrhod Fleet) and under the orders of Rustal Elion, it was overhauled into the Gundam Vidar for Vidar's use.During the overhaul, the damaged parts of the Gundam Frame were replaced with new parts produced using the current technology.The suit spent a long time undergoing maintenance and adjustment, and only Rustal and a few others in the fleet were aware of its existence. Gundam Vidar comes with one sword, one rifle, and two pistols. This an amazing looking kit from the Iron-Blooded Orphans series.