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Gundam AGE-II Magnum HGBD 1/144

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??????Gundam AGE-II Magnum HGBD 1/144

The????Gundam AGE II Magnum????is a????Gunpla????appearing in????Gundam Build Divers Prologue????and????Gundam Build Divers. Based on the????AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal, it is built and piloted by????Kyoya Kujo????for????Team Avalon.

A Gunpla used by Kyoya Kujo and based on the Gundam AGE-2.????It is a hi-spec kit that has????been customized to be compatible with Kyoya's distinguished battle style.????Gundam AGE II Magnum????not only has an upgraded basic structure, it also has offensive capabilities in its wings and shield, and is a super-offensive type Gunpla that can launch attacks in various situations and from various positions.????The high-speed flight form of the Gundam AGE-2 is upgraded into????the Phoenix Mode, making this a perfect model for the GBN????Champion.