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Orphans 1/100 Full Mechanics #04 Gundam Bael

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Gundam Bael 1/100

Gundam Bael was a key mobile suit in ending the war and a symbol of the GjallarhornThus, Agnika and Gundam Bael were deified in those times. Gundam Bael's main armament consisted only of two swords, and this is proof that Agnika Kaieru was fully compatible with the mobile suit via the Alaya-Vijnana System. For Agnika, who realized superhuman reactions, no other armament was better than these unbreakable swords

Agnika passed away as the Gundam Bael went to sleep, and it was believed his soul resides within the Gundam. The Gundam Bael was stored in the Gjallarhorn's headquarter, Vingolf, until it was awakened by McGillis Fareed. During the long interval, the Gundam Bael remains unchanged, so its frame structure as well as armaments are as they were when Agnika was the pilot. The emblem on its left shoulder is a symbol of the Gjallarhorn at the time of establishment.