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RE 1/100 Hamma-Hamma

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The????AMX-103 Hamma Hamma????is a prototype space mobile suit built during the????First Neo Zeon War????as a testbed for the Quasi-Psycommu system. It was first featured in the anime????Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ????and was piloted by????Mashymre Cello.

Neo Zeon's intent of conquering the Earth Sphere in 0088 UC urged the development of several prototype units implemented with different advanced warfare technologies. Among them was the AMX-103 Hamma Hamma, which employed a quasi-Psycommu System. It is built with detachable wire-guided claw hands, each armed with a 3 barreled beam guns.

The standard weapons were limited to these remote-controlled weaponry to accommodate large portion of its reactor power to its numerous thrusters for improved mobility. To compensate for this, a shield with its own power generator, was added to the design. The shield could power up different armaments mounted on it, including beam guns, a pair of beam sabers, and a space mine launcher.