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MG 1/100 Justice Gundam

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Justice Gundam MG 1/100

The ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, piloted by Athrun Zala.

One of ZAFT's five ZGMF-X Gundam units produced in CE 71 using technology derived from the four captured Alliance's Gundam, the Justice Gundam has Phase Shift Armor and its armament consists of beam sabers, a beam rifle, a shield, beam boomerangs and head-mounted CIWS guns. In addition, the Justice carries a Fatum-00 unit on its back that can flip forward when used, or be deployed as a separate support unit/subflight unit. The Fatum-00 is well-armed with a pair of beam cannons and multiple machine guns, and when attached to the Justice, it improves the suit's mobility and grants it full flight capabilities in the atmosphere.

Justice also has a tall sensor spine on the top of its head, similar to that of the GAT-X303 Aegis, and this enhances its ability to collect information in the battlefield. It can dock with a support unit, the METEOR unit, for heavier firepower and greater speed, and has an advanced targeting system, the Multi Lock-On System, which allows it to fire at multiple enemy units simultaneously.

The Justice Gundam is designed to be operated alongside the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam and for this purpose, the warship Eternal is designed specifically to maintain both suits. Like the four other ZGMF-X Gundam units, Justice is equipped with Neutron Jammer Canceller and powered by a nuclear reactor, giving it virtually unlimited combat endurance.