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RX-160 Byarlant HGUC 1/144

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RX-160 Byarlant HGUC 1/144

The????RX-160 Byarlant????is a prototype high-mobility????mobile suit????from the anime series????Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. The unit is piloted by????Jerid Messa.

The RX-160 Byarlant is a mobile suit designed to possess speed, agility, and self-sustained atmospheric flight without the use of a complicated and costly external support system or a mobile armor transformation system. The Byarlant's capabilities were achieved through the incorporation of powerful thrusters in its shoulders and waist, with a large-capacity fuel tank in its torso to keep the thrusters fuelled.

However, while its mobility was clearly well thought out, its offensive systems were lacking. Because of the design of the Byarlant's hands, the Byarlant could not wield the mass-produced weapons employed by other mobile suits, limiting it to its own pair of beam sabers and the mega particle guns in its hands.