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HG 1/144 RX-78AL Atlas Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.)

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RX-78AL Atlas Gundam (Gundam Thunderbolt Ver.) HG 1/144

The RX-78AL Atlas Gundam is a prototype specialized ground combat mobile suit that is equipped with a unique system of spherical joints on the main body and limbs. The back is equipped with long thrusters that are connected by arms called "Sub Legs." The thrusters make it possible for the Atlas Gundam to rise up vertically for high-altitude atmospheric flight.

The Atlas Gundam carries a heat-resistant shield that can withstand beam irradiation for a considerable amount of time. A water cruising mode can be used by combining the shield and sub legs. Water jets are incorporated into the legs which allow the Atlas Gundam to engage in underwater combat. It is armed with a prototype rail gun and rifle. The cockpit is fitted with a panoramic monitor that is modified from the RB-79 Ball.