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Protex N95 Respirator Mask (1 pc.)

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Protect your health with the Protex N95 respirator face mask. The respirator face masks are latex free, adjustable for different head sizes, NIOSH approved, and meet CDC guidelines for TB exposure control with N95 particulate filter.

  • Protex N95 respirator face masks are NIOSH approved as an N95 particulate filter at a 95-percent filter efficiency level
  • Meet CDC guidelines for TB exposure control
  • Provide effective viral protection
  • 42CFR84 approved product
  • Masks are latex free
  • Respirator masks are individually hygienically packed
  • Vertical folding for easy storage
  • Each face mask contours for a comfort fit
  • Straps are adjustable for different head sizes
  • Extremely ideal for business, medical or personal use
  • Perfect solution for outdoor uses for allergy protection during yard work
  • Works effectively in a variety of industrial and medical uses
  • Masks are good for single use
  • Discard after use or follow instructions regarding time limitations
  • Effective against particulate aerosols free of oil