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SDCS #OP-09 Silhouette Booster 2 [White]

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The second volume of the Cross Silhouette Series extension parts are now available! This set gives you parts that can be use with the seperately sold Zeta SDCS to recreate the Waverider form. It also comes with new groin and thigh parts to allow for different proportions and movement. The set also comes with parts that when used with a SDCS Zaku II allow you to make a Zaku I. The set finally comes with option hands and beam sabers.

Included in box:

  • Swinging groin joints x 2
  • Angular thigh parts x 2
  • hands x 2
  • Zaku I parts x 1
  • Zeta Gundam Waverider parts x 1
  • Beam Sabers x 2
  • Manual x 1