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MG 1/100 Tallgeese Ver. EW

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Tallgeese Ver. EW 1/100 MG

Finally the lightning fast white mobile suit from Gundam Wing recieves the MG appearence,that fans have been eagerly awaiting for since the late nienety's. In this kit you will notice that the Tallgeese is painted in the Endless Waltz (Manga) color scheme, not to be confused with the Endless Waltz (OVA) color scheme. This kit includes the "Leo" type inner frame, which has been intergrated with the removable helmet. You'll also notice the completely redesigned Dober Gun with Recoil motion, in addition, the all new thrusters that are hidden (slightly) in the rear skirt armor. This kit also include the iconic Beam Sabers, and a variety of left and right hands for those ever impressive "action" poses.