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Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement 40ml

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Tamiya EXTRA THIN model cement is used to glue together plastic model kits that use polystyrene plastic. No crevice is too small for this flowing adhesive, which was developed to flow into and stick the small spaces between two plastic parts which have been pre-fitted to one another. Furthermore, the extra thin formula allows the modeler to glue together small pieces that require pin point accuracy and finesse.

40ml bottle features a pointed brush on the cap..

- Contents: 40ml. Bottle features a handy brush on the underside
of the cap for easy application.
- Not for use with elastomer (used on track parts, etc.) as it
can cause brittleness.
- Original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Item 87038) is still
recommended for use in situations where you wish to fill larger
gaps and seams.