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Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement 40ml (Quick-Setting)

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Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is widely popular glue among modelers
around the world. You will find it in most modeler's workshops.
The "quick setting" version dries around 4 times faster than the
original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement, saving you time (and energy)
holding parts in place! It also has less-tendency to seep out
from part joints. Like the consistently popular original product,

it is highly liquid and able to flow into even small cracks,
making it useful for attaching parts in very tight spaces. It can
also be used to attach parts which have been pre-fitted by hand.

- Contents: 40ml. Bottle features a handy brush on the underside
of the cap for easy application.
- Not for use with elastomer (used on track parts, etc.) as it
can cause brittleness.
- Original Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (Item 87038) is still
recommended for use in situations where you wish to fill larger
gaps and seams.