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Tamiya Mark Fit (Strong)

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Mark Fit is a special solvent designed to soften your model
decals which will allow you to apply them onto difficult to apply

areas such as bumpy and curved surfaces. This ????strong???? version
has a more powerful formula for softening decals compared to the
standard version. The Strong version help decals adhere and
conform to difficult curved surfaces or matte-painted surfaces.
In addition, it could also help speed up the decal application
process. The Bottle cap comes with brush applicator and contains
40ml of solvent.

Note: May cause damage to painted surface in some cases,
particularly surfaces painted with acrylic paints.

How to Use

Apply Mark Fit solvent to area where decal is to be positioned.
Place decal onto the area.
Slide decal into correct position by a wet finger.
Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to remove excess water and any
air bubbles.
Apply Mark Fit over the decal again, and then use a soft cloth or

cotton swab to conform it to the model's surface.
Do not touch until decal dries completely.