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Star Blazers 2202 - U.N.C.F AAA-1 Andromeda Movie Effect Ver. 1/1000

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U.N.C.F AAA-1 Andromeda Movie Effect Ver. 1/1000

Andromeda is the Flagship of the Earth Defense Fleet in the second season , it has at least twice the firepower of the Yamato, with two wave motion guns, four shock cannon turrets and it is commanded by Ryu Hijikata. It is first seen in 2201as Hijikata refuses to give way to Yamato as his fleet is wounded in a Comet Empire attack. The two ships cross paths again as the Andromeda tries to stop Yamato deserting Earth but later lets them escape. It was destroyed in the Battle of Saturn.

This battleship is the newest and the most powerful ship in the Earth Defense Fleet during Comet Empire-Earth War and acts as the flagship of EDF. Its main cannons are larger than the Yamato's and has a range equals to the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun. Many of its controls, including fire-control, navigation and damage-control are automated, therefore its crew number is only 95, lower than Yamato's 114.??????